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Backed by Comprehensive Test Bank - Future Performance Indicators

Lithified Technologies created the LithTec Design Bank testing approach as a supportive value engineering tool for designing roads, lots, and yards. The LithTec™ Design Bank includes the California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Permeability, Resilient Modulus (Mr) and Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) for both Strain at Failure and Stress at Failure.  While many engineering design methodologies rely on the results from only one CBR, Mr or UCS test, the LithTec™ Design Bank includes all three and expands the traditional singular criteria to also include both Permeability and UCS Strain at Failure. This LithTec™ Design Bank testing approach is unlike traditional designs that only considers strength testing, as it takes into consideration the damaging effect of water as well as the benefit of ductility, which provides a better and more comprehensive view of long term performance expectations.

The holistic approach of the LithTec™ Design Bank exposes weak spots in other products used for stabilizing base materials.  Many products, such as cement, lime and various polymers may excel at one or another of the tests included; however, no other product has demonstrated that it meets the minimum requirements set forth in LithTec™ Design Bank Testing below.