A. Road Bases Superior to Traditional Designs

  • High structural credits allowed in designs to reduce materials and lower cost
  • Extend time to work soil with superior results
  • Applicable for use under any surface - asphalt, concrete, chip seal

B. Unprecedented Combination of Benefits

  • Low and slow permeability High strengths
  • High ductility (stress/strain)
  • High strengths
  • Passes EPA Method 1312 (no harmful chemicals leach into the environment)
  • Low shrink/swell characteristics

C. Value Engineered Projects

  • Recycle materials already paid for
  • Eliminates waste – reduces costs for removal or replacement of failing materials
  • Faster production times reduce overall project length and cost
  • Performance based specifications that include design criteria for permeability and ductility
  • Better product with lower lifecycle costs

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LithTec-soil retains full strength after more than 6 hours time to compaction vs. Cement-soil which loses over 10% after 2 hours, over 50% after 4 hours, and over 75% after 6 hours time to compaction, compared to cement-soil’s strength at 1.5 hours time to compaction.

Lithified Soil Structural Base Design Projects Uses a Design Bank that Tests:

Backed by Comprehensive Test Bank - Future Performance Indicators

New Stabilized/Chemically Modified Class: LITHIFIED SOIL

  • Design bank testing exposes weak spots
  • Cement, geo-textiles, lime, polymers may excel at one or another but no other product has demonstrated it meets all 5 minimum requirements
LithTech Product Summary

Executive Summary