Lithification is a complex process involving naturally occurring chemicals, minerals, heat, moisture, pressure and cementation that combine to form complex aluminosilicates, in which soil gradually becomes solid rock over many years.

Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution expels the connate fluids, then the aluminosilicate and sediment molecules gel, and under compaction, the matrix fuses together into solid rock through porosity destruction creating “Nature’s Concrete™”.

Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution is an eco-friendly trade secret technology that

accelerates the lithification process of turning soil to stone from years to about 24 hours.

Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution accelerated process uses a derivative of naturally occurring potash 

(7th  most common element in the earth’s crust) along with other trade secret chemistries that combine and create a

chemical reaction with the natural elements common in all soils to turn the in-situ soil into stone with a rock-hard,

water resistant surface in about one day in most cases.


Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution yields an unprecedented combination of benefits including extremely low and slow permeability with outstanding hydrophobic qualities, and generates record high strengths with excellent ductility and shrink/swell characteristics.

Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution has passed Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP)
​EPA Method 1312 confirming that it does not have any harmful chemicals that leach into the environment.

Other Lithified Technologies Solutions
Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Liner and LithTec™ Cap Solutions are also competitive alternatives to bentonite and geosynthetic liners and traditional caps for landfill and other land storage applications.

Navajo DOT Highway N52 - Chip Seal Surface
on Top of LithTec™ Road Solution Treated Base

Utilizing LithTec™ Road Solution in a pad is an effective way to stabilize the soil, vastly increase structural strength, create a highly water resistant surface, and reduce material requirements.


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LithTech Product Summary

Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Solution is a
Cost-Effective Option for:
• Construction and Maintenance of Roads, Lots & Yards
     • Total Road Solution
          • Asphalt Performance Driving Surface
          • LithTec™ Treated Subgrade, Subbase and/or Base

• Alternative to Flex Base, Cement & Lime Stabilization
     • Under New Asphalt, AC and Concrete Pavements 

• Landfill Caps
     • Non-Permeable
          • Increase Percentage Recapture of Gases
          • No Grass Maintenance, Reduce Dust 

LithTec Road Solutions

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LithTec™ Road Solutions are environmentally friendly lithification technologies. They work with in-situ (native) soils to provide a hard, water resistant, and stable road surface or sub-surface. LithTec™ Road Solution breakthrough technology will dramatically improve structural strength and reduce permeability, as well as reduce swelling and shrinking. 


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Utilizing LithTec™ Road Solution in a hybrid road, that incorporates an asphaltic covering, will create paved roads at vastly reduced costs

Hybrid Roads

Utilizing LithTec™ Road Solution under an unexposed surface will greatly increase structural strength, provide a second stage of water resistance, and stabilize the base material. LithTec™ Road Solution will greatly increase the life of the wear course layer.

Product Summary

Utilizing LithTec™ Road Solution in a subbase will greatly increase the life of the subbase and wear course layer.  LithTec™ Road Solution lithification technology works in various types of in-situ soils to provide stability to decrease swell/shrink by modifying clay and/or modifying sands and silts.