Reduces costs - Improves soil while minimizing or eliminating replacement and hauling expenses
Eliminates waste - No or minimal removal and replacement of inferior soils
Reduces plasticity/cohesiveness - Improved constructability of marginal on-site soils
Improves Strength - Treated soils are stronger than native soils
Improves Performance - Better support and bearing capacity
Resists leaching - Chemical and physical improvements of the soil are permanent
Decreases volume change characteristics
Is adaptable to most any type of soil - Improves strength and durability from poorer graded sands to higher plastic clays


  • Lower cost through use of local or marginal aggregates
  • Eliminates subgrade infiltration into base
  • Fast construction
  • Reduces moisture susceptibility
  • Reduces work stoppages due to rain (open base sheds water)
  • Spans weak subgrades
  • Reduces expansion in high sulfate soil
  • Shortens project times with fast cures
  • More tolerant than cement-soil with respect to excess moisture and time to compaction & forming
  • Frost-resistant
  • No microfracturing or expansion joints

Lithified Technologies™ Provides Road Solutions Using Your Soil & Our Environmentally-Friendly Lithification Technology

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  • Economical, long lasting pavement foundation
  • Strong and durable
  • Value-engineered: Low initial costs and easy to construct
  • Modifications are permanent
  • Stands up to many cycles/years of weathering and service
  • Less susceptible to damaging effect of water
  • An all-weather work platform
  • No mellowing period required
  • No leaching of chemicals
  • Fast cure time



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  • Eliminates grading
  • Eliminates washboards
  • Eliminates dust
  • Ability to curb, gutter and stripe
  • Asphalt performance ride with increased traction
  • Reduces cost of asphalt, AC or concrete & lots