Video Includes:

  • ​KSL Channel 5, Salt Lake City, Utah, covers the LithTec™ road construction process in San Juan County, Utah
  • ​Interview with Ben Musselman, San Juan County Public Works Director
  • LithTec™ Installation Process

Video Includes Users Reports by:

  • Stanislaus County, California
  • Quay County, New Mexico
  • San Juan County, Utah 
  • Chevas County, New Mexico

All have installed LithTec™ Road Solution

Santa Teresita Drive

Recycled Road FDR Project Video​

LithTec™ Haul Road Video

Video Includes:

  • ​Interview with crew member of Griffin Soil, the Largest Installing Road Contractor in California

November 10, 2014

Initial Report

May 25, 2018

San Juan County tests ‘game changer’ process to build roads

Nine Lithified Technologies Users Report

November 20, 2015

1-Year Investigative Report

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March 11, 2015

Navajo President

Declared Roads State of Emergency

​​​“…Lithified Technology not only produced a superior quality road, but it significantly reduced the construction time and cost…”

​Mayor Javier Perea, Sunland Park, New Mexico

High Tech Roads -

80% Less Construction Cost vs. Asphalt

Inspector & Crew Member Report LithTec Road Advantages as Independent Observers

KSL Channel 5 TV in Salt Lake City, Utah covered the road construction process along

County Road 120 in San Juan County, featuring Lithified Technologies

Answer:San Juan County's first 2 roads are integral through a rough winter. Is an absolute success by also saving San Juan County a lot of Budget Dollars.

Why is San Juan County so happy about their 3rd LithTec Treated Road?

KOB Eyewitness News 4 in Albuquerque, New Mexico did three investigative news reports,  over the course of one year, featuring Lithified Technologies roads

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